SPRING SPECIAL – Teeth whitening bleach kit – expiry 2014

Say goodbye to winter, and hello spring with whiter teeth & brighter smile!

We are offering a package deal of $300

(RRP from $450).

This includes 2 take-home bleaching trays & Polanight 18% kit (4 syringes). For 45 minutes a day for a month, you will see whiter shade results.

All health funds accepted… just pay the difference!


polanight1 polanight2 polanight3

The take-home bleaching treatment offered is 2 customised mouth trays that will hold the bleach/whitening gel. This mouth tray is like a flexible thin mouthguard, comfortable to you. We recommend using Polanight 18% tooth whitening gel.

Offer expiry 30th November 2014


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