Our professional cosmetic dentists can replace missing teeth with quality dental implants!

You can lose a tooth due to a number of reasons, once a tooth is removed or lost it will not grow back (after a certain age). Its important to replace missing teeth so as to restore functionality as well as aesthetic appearance. At Mooroolbark dental, our cosmetic dentists are experts at replacing a missing tooth

What Can Cause A Missing Tooth?

Some of the causes that lead to a lost or missing tooth include:

  • Sports injury
  • Weak tooth as a result of decay
  • Biting hard objects

Treatment For Missing Teeth

The treatment provided for a missing tooth usually involves cosmetic dentistry that is used to replace the missing tooth ,such as:

What If You Ignore It?

Ignoring a missing tooth can lead to further loss of teeth due to tooth decay, which can happen as a result of spaces or pockets in gums that can collect food and bacteria. In addition to losing more teeth it can affect your self esteem as well as appearance where cheeks can hollow.

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