Concerned with a dark spot on your tooth?

Mooroolbark Dental offers restorative treatment to repair teeth that have been damaged through decay or fractured in accidents. Restorative treatment can also be used to improve appearance by closing gaps, treating discoloured or unsightly teeth and for complete cosmetic makeovers by changing the colour of the teeth or re-shaping disfigured teeth.

These are our most common restorative treatments:

Fillings – are most commonly used for tooth restoration and to fill a once decayed hole in the tooth. We mainly use white composite fillings, for a beautiful aesthetic smile.

Bridges – one of the options used to replace a missing tooth. Bridges are used when there is a need to replace a missing tooth and it is done by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. The teeth need to be carefully prepared to specific dimensions for the bridge to fit on top with the false tooth in between. Each bridge is individually tailored to achieve the best aesthetic and functional result.

Dentures – are removable prostheses made of acrylic or a combination of metal and acrylic used to replace missing teeth. Complete dentures are done if there is a need to replace all the teeth. On the other hand, partial dentures are considered when natural teeth remain. Well made dentures will help you to eat and improve your appearance by compensating for bone loss around the jaw caused by missing teeth. We will refer the construction of your denture to a qualified dental technician.

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