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A cracked, chipped or broken tooth can happen as a result of many different reasons and can be a very painful experience. The most common causes for a broken tooth include trauma from injury (usually sports injuries), biting into a hard object, teeth grinding and even tooth decay.

What Can Cause A Broken Tooth?

Some of the causes that lead to a cracked tooth, chipped tooth or broken tooth include:

  • Sports injury
  • Weak tooth as a result of decay
  • Teeth grinding (Due to sleep apnea or nervousness)
  • Biting hard objects

Treatment For Cracked, Chipped Or Broken Teeth

The treatment provided for a broken tooth usually involves cosmetic dentistry that is used to repair a broken tooth. Cosmetic dental treatments include:

What If You Ignore It?

Ignoring a cracked, chipped or broken tooth can lead to severe toothache and eventually loss of your tooth, which may then require endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) or even a dental implant.

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